The Sleeping Village

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The Creation Myth of this world, repeated and handed down for a thousand generations.

In the beginning was the Light, covering whole the sea of the worlds.
In the beginning was the Dark, holding fast the foundations of the worlds.
And so it was in the Beginning.

In Between the Light and the Dark swam the Great Dragon, a serpent as ancient as the eternals themselves. Just as the Great Dragon swam through the waves of Light, she swam through the waves of Dark. The Great Dragon was neither Light nor Dark, but the two as one.
And so it was In Between.

Then the Great Dragon roared, summoning the Arch Dragons to life. Then the Great Dragon and the Arch Dragons roared together, summoning the lesser dragons and the ancient beasts to life. After this, the Great Dragon tasked them each with responsibilities, all distinct: one to fly, one to swim; one to create, one to destroy; one to the light, one to the dark; and so on.
And so it was in the Creation Roar.

The Arch Dragons, the lesser dragons, and the ancient beasts constantly fought amongst one another, striving against the other just as the Great Dragon had set them. The Great Dragon watched. The Light and the Dark remained equal, and the Great Dragon was satisfied. Soon, the Arch Dragon of Light roared again, summoning another being in his image. After seeing this, the Arch Dragon of Dark roared again, summoning another being in his image. The Light child was Ikigai, the first of his kind. The Dark child was Shi, the second. The Arch Dragons trained the newly formed creations, teaching them to fight the other.
And so it was in the Arch Wars.

After some time, the Great Dragon looked over all she had created and the form the world had taken. The Great Dragon saw Arch Dragons, lesser dragons, and ancient beasts who belonged to the Light. The Great Dragon saw Arch Dragons, lesser dragons, and ancient beasts who belonged to the Dark. Each were in equal number. The Great Dragon saw, and was dissatisfied, seeing many beings in balance, but none that carried her own nature. And so the Great Dragon roared a second time, alone and apart from all others, bringing forth only one more Arch Dragon. This Arch Dragon was neither of the Light nor the Dark and was truly formed in the image of her creator. The Arch Dragon of the In Between went forth, surveying the world and all that existed. After seeing the Arch Dragon of Light and Ikigai and the Arch Dragon of Dark and Shi, the Arch Dragon of In Between roared herself, summoning another being in her image. The In Between child was Senso, the third of her kind. After this, the Arch Dragons, the lesser dragons, and the ancient beasts began to fight more vehemently. Whichever side those of the In Between took gained the upper hand, before the In Between went to the opposite side and they gained the upper hand. To this day, these battles still rage.
And so it is in the Second Roar.

Soon, the Dark will take position over the Light; the second overtaking the first. Soon the balance will cease to be, and great calamity will occur. When the time is fulfilled, the Great Dragon will roar a third time, undoing all she has done before.
Then there will be Light, covering whole the sea of the worlds.
Then there will be Dark, holding fast the foundations of the worlds.
And so it will be in the Third Roar. 

The Book of Given Prophecies, Volume One

I see the begotten of dragons,
Abandoned and torn and burned slow to ashes.
I see the truth of dreams,
In visions inhuman, that erupt from the seams.

I see the slumberer awaken,
Amidst the chaos, the chosen forsaken.
I see only the birth,
The end unfolding, as it did in the first.

I see the trees as they grow,
The seeds and the sorrows in the streams filled with hope.
I see the tide as it fades,
The ocean’s waves changing as newness pervades.

I see the shadows that creep,
Because of the fire, the metal melts beneath.
I see the eye above all,
The Dark One ensnaring and bringing great ones to fall.

I see the sword kill,
Bloods rushes the ground and spills down the hill.
I see the tears hold,
Not knowing of presence, with a soul far too old.

I see destiny derailed,
The wolf shrinks to nothing; the worms to be hailed.
I see the path lead astray,
The intentions of the night giving birth to the day.

I see the floor crumble beneath,
Pierced through the chest though the sword remains in its sheath.
I see evil take form,
The land, the sea, the world; it is all storm.

I see longing satisfied,
Desire manifested in the heart of fiery eyes.
I see a knife gleaming,
The now blood-soaked hilt has heard all of the scheming.

I see the fallen sleep,
Soon to rise, the eyes to reap.
I see the former come,
Lights unbroken underneath a frozen sun.

I see the chosen wait,
The warriors battle and strike against the bait.
I see the world go dark,
Upon their heads, they imprint their mark.

I see the sent one,
Moving through the cracks and the veins of the dead sons.
I see death in chase,
Emerging slowly like a serpent from the features of her face

I see the nightmares,
Run, young thunderbolt, from the threats your conscious bears.
I see the sweat,
Danger untold unfolds underneath the hand that is kept.

I see the rat in the weeds,
Jagged teeth, a sneak, and it is not known what he sees.
I see disaster descending,
Fate, solid as time and space, without change, is pending.

I see who bleeds,
Tears upon tears soak the monster they feed.
I see what is done,
Roars of the broken; rumbles of the slumbering one.

I see what is past,
For even dragons and gods are not meant to last.
I see what is here,
What the thunderbolt longs for; that which will soon reappear.

I see the ending begin,
The stormy tower clutches the sky, held tight in its sin.
I see the duel,
The thunderbolt struck and shaken by the Rule.

I see the beast,
It stalks under mattresses, seeking hearts to feast.
I see the teeth,
Though blinded it still finds much flesh to eat.

I see the vanity,
Innocence crushed by the weight of unyielding sanity.
I see myself,
Yet… Yet it is not me.

I see the end,
The end… it is uncertain.
I see it,
The pain — Oh Great Dragon hasten the end!

I can’t see anymore,
Please, for the sake of mind — please — no more.
I long to forget, to close my mind, to leave it all!
But the pen calls to me,
And I write.

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