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The Sleeping Village is out NOW! Go ahead and take a plane to central Florida, track down a strange looking man who goes by the name KJ (which barely qualifies as a name), and force him to hand over one of his many copies he keeps stashed underneath his bed.

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The Sleeping Village

In the dark and corrupted city of Upnos — the Sleeping Village — there is no path of peace. All must fight to survive and thrive, as is the way of the ninja.

Ja, a cold-blooded mercenary-for-hire, and Karissa, his younger sister who inherited a devastating illness, are somehow making their way in this life filled with hardships.

When Ja is hired by a small rebel group, he and his sister are quickly swept under the waves of conflict, embroiled in a conspiracy that pits them against the biggest corporation the world has ever seen — Enupnion. The two are forced to navigate waters between the rich and the poor, right and wrong, and the nature of humanity itself.

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